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HILTI Flexible Blade Floor Scraper Chisels

The HILTI flexible blade Floor Scraper Chisel efficiently removes carpet, linoleum, tile, thinset, epoxy & more taking the hassle out of floor surface prep. The head assembly is fitted with a tough blade made of a high grade steel blend that resists cracking and custom steel spring inserts keep the nuts tight until you need to change the blade. Replacement blades make this a cost-effective tool for rental stores, flooring companies and homeowners.


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HILTI flexible blade floor scraper Chisel features a flexible 6" wide steel blade that resists cracking. Special spring steel inserts keep the nuts tight on the blade while you are working and can be used again after the blade is replaced. Replacement blades are offered for purchase making this an indispensable tool.

for contractors and rental stores. this floor scraper chisel is widely known for effectively removing tile, thinnest, carpet, linoleum and many more flooring types. It can also be used in other industrial applications such as removing epoxy from railroad ties, caulking membranes from bridges, and sewer and oil sludge.

HILTI Flexible Blade Floor Scraper Chisels,Common uses include:

● Ceramic Tile Removal

● Vinyl Floor Removal

● Thinset Removal

● Carpet Adhesive Removal

● VCT Removal

● Epoxy Removal

Tips for using the Floor Scraper Chisels


Check the tightness of the nuts routinely. *Although we have superior hardware, the constant vibration will loosen the nuts. *We recommend checking the bolts after each use. *If the tool will be used for long durations during the day, the bolts will need to be checked periodically during the day.


Prying will bend the blade. The tool is designed to scrape material - not pry it up. *Damage can result to the hammer if the tool is used for prying. *When prying occurs, the side load on the tool can cause material failure.


Use the correct angle of attack for the tool. *No higher than a 45 angle. Any higher and the tool can destroy itself. *If the hammer is raised too high, the shank can be driven through the head. *You will have to put pressure on the hammer to drive the scraper forward.

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