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Views: 18     Author: V. Ryan     Publish Time: 2018-08-08      Origin: Site

SDS (Special Direct System) Drills are extremely powerful and used when extra power is required, for heavy duty jobs. They have three basic functions that allow normal drilling, hammer action and chiselling. Furthermore, SDS Drills can hold large diameter drill bits well passed the 13mm diameter limit of normal drills. Professionals tend to select this type of drill for major projects. However, SDS Drills tend to by heavy compared to ordinary drills which means they are unsuitable when working up a ladder or for small jobs such as light drilling - when a small power drill would be suffice. 

Heavy Duty Drilling&Chiseling SDS DRILLS   SDS DRILL DEMO


1. The cord is carefully laid out so that it cannot trip the person using the drill. 

2. It is good practice to use a circuit breaker. This will cut power if any electrical fault in the drill is detected. 

3. Always wear safety goggles to protect the eyes. Never operate equipment like this without eye protection.

4. When using an SDS Drill hold both the normal handle and front handle securely. This will help steady the drill as it vibrates during use. It also allows

    the user to put pressure against the drill as it is used to drill holes in difficult materials.

5. The person using the drill should space their feet apart. This helps the person balance and lean into the drill, applying his/her weight safely.

6. Always check that electrical wires or water pipes are not in the area of intended drilling. Drilling through an electrical wire can be extremely dangerous.

7. Always seek instruction / training from an appropriately qualified instructor before using any tools, especially power tools.

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