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Choosing the Right Power Tools for Your Perfect Work

Views: 23     Author: Roberto Russo     Publish Time: 2018-08-28      Origin: Tech-Tool

A Power Tool is one of the most important tools in any workshop or site, and with the right Power Tools, You can get the job done quickly and efficiently whether drilling,cutting,chiseling,grinding, polishing,routing or sawing and so. Power tools can make a massive difference, and save you a lot of time! But which power tools do you really need, and what do they do? Let’s take a look at essential power tools you may need as following.

Essential power tools you should own

1. Cordless drill

Greetools Power Tools Acessories for Cordless drill

A cordless drill is first on the list of essential power tools that most people think of when they picture DIY, and for good reason. A cordless drill can be the most useful power tool in your box for the vital process of screwing and unscrewing nuts and screws of any type. A modern drill will have an interchangeable drill bit for screws of different sizes and types, with more unusual drill bits available for less common types of screw. They’re fairly simple to look after and store, but it’s very important that you look after the drill bits, which are fiddly and easy to lose. Keep them in a safe and secure place and you’ll have the full power of your drill available at all times.

2. Circular saw

Greetools Power Tools accessories for circular saw

Circular saws are a standard cutting power tool and can be fitted with many different types of blades for different uses. Basic cutting blades will help cut wood, but bigger and stronger blades are available to help cut metal and even stone. The saw is all about the blade, so it’s the blade you need to look after most – always make sure you store it in a cool, dry place to avoid imperfections, and be sure to replace your blade regularly. Not only is a dull blade less effective, it also puts stress on the blade itself, increasing the risk of it shattering and hurting the operator.

3. Angle grinder

Greetools Power tools accessories for angle grinders

Angle grinders are a multi-purpose tool – the little brother of the circular saw, but much more versatile. Using the many different kinds of blades, they can be used for cutting, sanding, polishing, brushing, bolt cutting and many more applications. You can easily change your attachments for different jobs by simply unscrewing the current attachment and replacing it with another, but some jobs require more power than others. Always make sure your grinder has an appropriately-sized motor and, for bigger jobs, its better to buy a grinder with more power.

4. Router

Greetools power tools accessories for router machine

A router is used to hollow out an area of wood by wearing it away. It can be used for a variety of jobs, but it’s mainly useful for boring holes, creating edges or making grooves – something which is useful for various jobs. A handheld router can be screwed upside down to a router table, which makes it much easier to see what you’re doing with the tool, and is recommended for beginners.

5. Electric sander

Greetools power tools accessories for Electrical sander

An electric sander does exactly what it promises, using a rotating belt of sandpaper to smooth off surfaces. It’s an extremely simple power tool to use, but you can improve your work by getting to know the different levels of grit, which govern how coarse the sandpaper is. Start with a coarse grit, like 80, to sand the whole object, then sand it again with a finer grit, like 100. This will make the surface smoother and get rid of more imperfections.

6. Jigsaw

Greetools power tools accessories for Makita Jigsaw

Another simple tool, a jigsaw is an electric saw that cuts in a straight line using a thin blade. It’s good for cutting out thin pieces of wood or cutting wood down to size. When using a jigsaw, it’s important to apply strong downward pressure to stop the blade from chattering and damaging your wood. Applying masking tape to the surface of the object can stop this pressure from leaving marks.

We hope this has been a good introduction to the essential power tools you should own. If you need any information concern about Power Tools Accessories, Please keep in touch with us.Happy to assist !

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