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Why China Combination Set of SDS Plus Drill Bit & Chisel is So Popular Worldwide

Views: 31     Author: Greetools     Publish Time: 2018-08-19      Origin: Site

SDS Plus Hammer Drill Bits & SDS Plus Hammer Fitting Steel is one of the most popular Power Tools Accessories in our life, there exists hundreds of sizes of SDS Plus Hammer Drill Bits and many types of SDS Plus Hammer Fitting Steels. Normally, we only occasionally use those big sizes of drill bits, fewer SDS plus drill bits could meet the most commonly requirements of hole sizes in the building and construction industry.along with a selection of popular SDS Plus points and chisels used mainly for light demolition, chipping,mortar chasing, chiseling, channeling, stripping plaster, and breaking through brickwork. these tools extremely efficient help tradesman, builders and even DIY users to complete a variety of tasks.so getting a value pack of a combination set of SDS Plus Hammer Drill Bits and Steels definitely makes sense. At Greetools, You always find your favorite combination set of SDS Plus Drills and Chisels for every hammer drilling project.

SDS Plus Hammer Drill Bits: Starting at the tip, the unique tip design and superior carbide grade ensures better bit penetration with outstanding durability and consistent drilling life.The flute is in our eyes a work of art. Digitally optimized flute ensures optimal waste removal resulting in cleaner, more accurate drill holes, Shoot sandblasting finish which hardens the surface of the bit and also helps to eliminate stress fractures. Fully hardened chrome-alloy steel body ensures maximum power transmission and minimizes breakage.

SDS Plus Hammer Chisels: Fully hardened Chrome alloy steel body and optimum cutter geometry ensures Improved power transmission, efficient work, and durability. special hardening methods and additional surface protection of these chisels minimize wear, reduce notch sensitivity and lead to longer service life and higher removal capacity. All Greetools hammer chisels can be re-sharpened.

At Greetools, You always could get your favorite combination set of SDS Plus Hammer Drill Bits and Chisels for every hammer drilling project.We are enclosing a list of combination set as below for your reference,Should you not find the right tools as you need,Please do not hesitate to contact us.Happy to assist.

1040001   8 Piece SDS Plus Drill Bits & Chisels Set   Learn more

1040002   10 Piece SDS Plus Drills & Chisels Set in a robust plastic case    Learn more

1040003   10 Piece SDS+Drill Bits &Chisels Set in Aluminum Case    Learn more

1040004   10 Piece SDS Plus Masonry Drills & Fitting Steel Set in a storage roll    Learn more

1040005   12 Piece SDS Plus Concrete Rotary Hammer Drill Bits & Chisel    Learn more

1040007   13 Piece SDS Plus Shank Drill Bit & Chisel Set    Learn more

1040006   14 Piece SDS+ Carbide Drill Bits and Breaker Chisels Set    Learn more

1040008   15 Piece SDS+ Drill Bits and Chisels Set    Learn more

1040009   17 Piece SDS Plus Masonry Drill Bits and Chisels Set    Learn more

1040010   18 Piece SDS Plus Hammer Drill Bits and Chisels Set    Learn more

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For professional drilling in concrete and masonry,Proven tungsten carbide tip geometry with a 130° cutting angle offers fast, easy drilling,The tip is firmly secured to the drill body with high strength, heat-resistant braze material
SDS Plus High quality drill bits with 2 Tungsten Carbide cutting edges provides easy centering and fast drilling,The pronounced chisel-shaped drill bit head penetrates material rapidly,Wide spiral flute design help quickly remove concrete dust from the hole for faster drilling and longer bit life.

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