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5 Piece SDS-Plus Percussion Concrete Drill Bits Set

The Concrete Drill Bits Set, 5 piece , each 1 of 5/6 × 160mm and each 1 of 8/10/12 × 160mm,Hammer drill bit providing 2 cutting edges and SDS-plus drive is perfect for high quality fixing solutions.
  • SDS Plus
  • 82075090

5 Piece SDS-Plus Percussion Concrete Drill Bits Set have a unique tip design ,greatly relieved, and use a type of tungsten carbide which gives a much more aggressive bite into hard materials. easy & fast drilling clean, accurate fixing and clearance holes. For use on SDS Plus rotary hammers or SDS Max rotary hammers (with Greetools SDS Max to SDS plus adaptor), S4 flute helix provides rapid dust removal. Sandblasting finish which hardens the surface of the bit and also helps to eliminate stress fractures.

The double fast spiral fluting is designed to efficiently remove dust, resulting in faster drill time and less bind in the hole.The unique shank configuration fits most models of rotary hammer drills providing maximum drilling torque.Constructed from tungsten carbide cutter for extra long life,Contains 1 pc of each drill bit 5x160mm,6x160mm,8x160mm,10x160mm,12x160mm.

5 Piece SDS+Concrete Drill Bits Set

Contains 1 pc of each drill bit 5x160mm,6x160mm,8x160mm,10x160mm,12x160mm.Packed in a plastic box.

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